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Good news!   Governor Ricketts has further relaxed the capacity restrictions for outdoor gatherings to 75% starting June 22nd.  For the Tiburon Pool this is a major change from the previous 25% restriction we were planning on.  This means we can now accommodate 225 in our pool (75% of 300) allowing us to sign-up more members! 

We plan on opening our pool on June 22nd, but we need your support by becoming a member now. Visit  the Tiburon Pool website https://tiburonpool.com/ to sign-up as soon as possible!  

If you wish to sign-up for a membership fill-out the appropriate form (resident, non-resident) and  email tiburonpool@gmail.com .

Note:  Although the capacity allowance has increased we will still have the following restriction in place:

  • Showers cannot be used; you must shower prior to coming
  • Bathroom will only have one stall open per side
  • You must bring your own chairs and comply with 6 spacing (group of 6 allowed, but groups must be spaced minimum 6 apart.   Tiburon pool will not provide any tables or chairs.
  • 6 foot distancing must be maintained
  • Masks worn (recommended) except in pool
  • Diving board and slide will not be in use
  • Guests will be limited to two per membership.   Guest allowance of 10 guests (residents only), any guests in excess of the guest allowance will be charged $5/guest /visit
  • No concessions
  • No swim team, possible private lessons (TBD)


If you have questions direct to tiburonpool@gmail.com

We look forward to seeing you at the pool!



Please feel free to contact us with questions at tiburonpool@gmail.com


Thank you!


Tiburon Pool Management







    The pool Schedule is as Follows:

    Pool Hours:

    Weekdays 12:00 5:00
                        6:00 8:30*

    Weekends 12:00 8:30